Macrame Wooden Shelf ♡
Macrame Wooden Shelf ♡
Macrame Wooden Shelf ♡
Macrame Wooden Shelf ♡
Macrame Wooden Shelf ♡
Macrame Wooden Shelf ♡

Macrame Wooden Shelf ♡

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This handmade macrame nursery shelf brings a little personality to your little babe's cave ◦ Designed with a hanging rack to show off their cutest outfits, hair bows, books, toys, shoes and all types of sweet baby things ◦ Give as a thoughtful gift to someone with a neutral, woodland, or minimalist themed nursery / baby shower

◦ Size: 15” inches long x 5.5” inches wide and hangs 27” inches from the top of the wood ring to the hanging rod
◦ Material: Handmade with macrame cord, with the shelf in a natural raw wood finish (wood can easily be painted if you want to)
◦ Support: Shelf supports a max. weight capacity of approx. 3-5 lbs - see below for a tip of how to balance the weight of items on the shelf vs. the hanging rod...look at the 'HOW TO HANG' section below to learn how to stabilize the shelf securely
◦ Optional: bear ear clothes hangers 
       • The bear hangers are made super thin to maximize closet space
       • Designed with grooved notches to securely hold clothing
       • Size is 9” inches in length x 5” inches in height

Your order is handmade and shipped from Northern California to your doorstep ◦ Dressed in botanical print packaging ◦ With a nice little note tucked inside

Hang this shelf in a safe spot away from the crib, play area, or changing station
1) Grab a step ladder (if you're short like me)
2) Twist the hook into the wall or ceiling
3) Make sure the hook is snug with no signs of budging (use an anchor if needed)
4) Tip: Add more weight on the shelf to balance the weight on the lower rod. To make it even more stabilized, add thumbtacks in the back on top of the shelf to avoid it from tipping forward (if you want to put more weight on the rod) 
5) Hang the wood ring on the hook
6) Dress up your nursery shelf!

When your little one grows out of their nursery, switch it up and hang it in…
◦ The Bedroom: Store books, vases, plants and jewelry
◦The Bathroom: Store toiletries and hand towels
◦The Kitchen: Store spices, spoon jar and kitchen towels
◦The Entryway: Store mail, keys, masks and sunglasses

I find every excuse to DIY pretty much anything ◦ Working with macrame over the years has become my affordable therapy-quasi meditation routine ◦ I spend hours putting together piece by piece ◦ Why? ◦ Because I'm the type who overthinks everything and I need to make sure it's looking 100% when it lands at your doorstep